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6 Random Ways to Save Money on Your Staff Spend at Interbike

Today marks the re-launch of the Interbike blog! Moving forward we will cover topics and content that will help all exhibitors – large and small – get the most value out of their experience at both Interbike and OutDoor Demo (ODD). Future topics include: how to engage with the media, ways to drive more traffic to your booth and Q&A sessions with Intebike’s operations director with tips for move in/move out, etc. Check back regularly for valuable information to help improve your overall experience at our show.


Pat and I get it. We’ve been on your side before, understand the costs involved with the show and know that staff costs are a big part of it. Here are a few things to consider when planning for Interbike 2014:

(1) Book Your Hotels Early: We all get busy, but booking your hotel block 8-10 months in advance will help ensure that you get the lowest possible rate.

(2) Consider Doubling Up: Many moons ago when I was a sales rep, I shared a room with another rep at every Interbike show. Sure, everyone would like their own room, but this cuts your overall hotel room needs in half and is a small price to pay to save the company money.

(3) Attend the Industry Breakfast: Not only will you and your staff get fed a hot meal, they may learn a few things from our scheduled presenters.

(4) Stock Up on Drinks/Snacks After Landing: There’s a convenience store a few blocks from the car rental facility at McCarran International Airport. I stop there every year after I land and stock up on enough bottled water, Gatorade and snacks to last me through the week.

(5) Skip The Casino Hotels: There are 5 non-casino hotels on the other side of Russell Road – within 1 mile of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Have your staff ride bikes & take advantage of our FREE bike lock up while at the show. Most offer a free breakfast and two have 2-bedroom suites for doubling up.

(6) Take Advantage of the Tram: The Mandalay Bay – Excaliber tram is FREE, and carries passengers from the major intersection of Tropicana and Las Vegas Boulevard, via the Excalibur Hotel and the Luxor Hotel to the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino. Click here to view the tram map.

- Justin Gottlieb – PR/Communications Director, Interbike



“Hotel restaurants are great – but it’s no secret that they are pricey. There are many restaurants close by and off The Strip that are absolutely fantastic. Cab fares would be cheap if you pack 4-6 people in one of those mini-SUV taxis, and the food is as good as – or better than – hotel food.”

- Andrew Economon
General Manager, New Las Vegas Brooklyn Bowl

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