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Interbike Registration is Open… and We Listened to You!

Registration for Interbike 2013 is open! Before you register there are a few things you need to know:

• If you attended Interbike in 2011 or 2012 you can log on to registration, choose your name from the look up file and register. You can also do this for store employees who attended Interbike in 2011 or 2012.

• If you or your employees have not attended Interbike in the last two years you will need to re-qualify.

Why are we doing this? Because the retail community complained that too many non-qualified individuals were sneaking into Interbike, filling up floor space and taking up valuable time with exhibitors. We listened to your concerns and to combat this we doubled down on our security and are asking first time and non recent attendees to show us their credentials to ensure they have a right to be at Interbike.

So how does Interbike by Invitation factor into this? We understand that while retailers want to ensure Interbike is for trade only, sometimes a bike shop wants to invite a really great customer, so we added Interbike by Invitation, our invited guest day. On Friday September 20th we are providing retailers with the opportunity to bring their best customers to Interbike. These invited guests will receive VIP treatment from Interbike including a badge that clearly identifies them as invited guests, eliminating any confusion among our exhibitors. Let’s face it, there’s a good chance many of the individuals who will come to Interbike by Invitation have attended Interbike before, but they attended under the guise of a retail employee. Interbike by Invitation simply identifies these folks for who they are – great customers – and provides them with special treatment and perks on the last day of the show.

• Are you a bike shop owner and you need to re-qualify for Interbike? No problem. Simply ensure you have any two of the following documents available in digital format (a scan) prior to logging onto registration. You will upload these documents as part of your registration:

-   Invoices showing purchases of FINISHED brand name goods in the cycling or fitness industry made within the last six months. Invoices for samples/blanks do not qualify as finished goods.

-   Business Card that includes your current company address.

-   Business License indicating you are a retail business (Please DO NOT send a tax ID or a seller’s permit, these are not acceptable credentials).

-   Letter of intent from an attorney or bank on official letterhead stating the intent to start a new retail business in the cycling/fitness industry (this is acceptable for new businesses only).

• For retail employees simply send a copy of your business card that includes your company address and phone number and a paystub dated within the last six months.

• For Independent Reps please send a commission check dated within the last six months and a business card that includes your current company address.

At any time if you have issues registering we are here to help. Simply contact us at and we will help you out.

To register now for Interbike 2013 and OutDoor Demo click HERE.


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  1. Ya I here ya I’ve been going to inter bike 12 years supporting the show, I suddenly need to provide same stuff, don’t have a scanner guess they don’t need loyal supporters to a dieing show