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Are You Just Making Noise?

Are You Just Making Noise?

As the digital landscape continues to shift, marketers need to move away from “campaigning” at consumers and toward having “conversations” with them. In the embracing of a more humanized experience, attention is becoming the new currency measured by dwell time and engagement – not just the quick drive-by of a “like” or a “follow.”

How can we connect you – the bicycle retailer – with the trends that are shaping the digital world?

IBD Summit Keynote Speaker David Shing AOL's Digital Prophet


Meet David Shing, AOL’s Digital Prophet and the keynote speaker for the 2013 IBD Summit.

David and other influential speakers will discuss the online strategies that will make you think differently about your digital efforts at this second annual event. Come join us at the premier retail academy and industry networking event for the bicycle industry.

The two-day IBD Summit schedule covers the following content:

Day 1: Online Strategies for Brick and Mortar Success: Experts in the fields of online marketing, social media and more will present ways to ensure your business stays ahead of the trends that keep successful brick and mortar businesses in front of their competition.

Day 2: Bike Biz MBA – No, it’s not a Harvard MBA. But you will learn from speakers on topics that will directly translate to the growth of your business. Learn from bike industry leaders as they share individual shop numbers and strategies that made them successful, hear from experts in retail design on how best to merchandise your store and find out how to be the triathlon sales leader in your market from the best in the business.

For more information and to register please visit our website at or call 949-226-5784

View the video from The IBD Summit 2012 here.

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