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Bike Art by Tommii Lim

Tommii is an amazing artist that I have had the privilage of working with on many occasions over the years. A few months backTommii Lim when we were promoting the ARTCRANK poster show at this years Interbike I started reaching out to some of my friends who have a gift in the illustration department. Tommii was one of those people and he sent in some samples to the show and now he is one of the featured artists at this years ARTCRANK. Here are a bio on the man himself and some pics of his work.



Tommii Lim is a painter, illustrator, designer and DJ who lives and works in Downtown LA. He was born in Seoul, Korea and at the age of 2 moved to California where he started his journey as a young artist and musician.


He has DJed under the monikers; Avenue 66 and now Legal Aliens in which he plays the keyboard and teams up with various musicians mixing live funk and eclectic electronic music and hip hop. He is currently working on his first solo album, to be released in the near future.


Tommii Lim Although music still remains an important aspect of his life, it is art that has predominated his chosen career path since childhood. He has been in the graphic design, gallery and DJ game since the late 90’s, where he has created a multitude of works that have broken through different styles of music and visual communication. He began to perceive his art as a vehicle to explore and inspire a passion within himself and others as a means to simplify life on canvas via a flatter, more energized space.


His most recent dynamic compositions and paintings use simple conceptual elements of three-dimensional light and space techniques to capture constructivist tension and light amplification within a flat plane of perception. A feat only accomplished by a handful of his predecessors, for example, James Turrell, Robert Irwin, Mark Rothko, Kandinsky, and El Lissitzky to name a few. It would be simple enough to lump his artwork in with The Russian Avante Garde, The Constructivist’s, The Expressionist’s, The Pop/Op Movement and The Light and Space School; Yet there is a delicate metaphysical dimension that gives way to the archiformalist painted surfaces leading the viewer to another level of ambiguous, illusory depths, implying ethereal realms of mind and space in a dimensional seduction of lightTommii Lim with optical visceral ancillary images. This direct connection between the terrestrial, the transcendental, and extraterrestrial unmediated by complicated symbolism, also imbues the paintings with added new aesthetic impact. His new body of two dimensionally dynamic light and space paintings, as well as his compositions have been met with an extraordinary response from both the gallery and design community. The sky is the limit for his new artwork.

Stay tuned and stay Ugly!

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