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Google Streetview Heads Indoors

Not sure how I missed this news from around Halloween. Maybe I was too focused on dialing in my son”s Ninja Turtle costume to his hyper attentive 6-year-old standards  (“Dad! Michaelangelo is the orange turtle. That’s red!”).  So what did I miss? Well, it looks like the controversial Google Streetview  feature of Google Maps has now headed indoors.

Now, just as you can navigate up and down streets and pan around to see store fronts and unsuspecting pedestrians and sunbathers, you can wander through the insides of stores. You get the whole 360 degree, up-down and all around treatment. I just happened to be Googling one of my favorite local shops yesterday when some photos popped up in the Google Places area of the results. Upon clicking them, I noticed that I could wander through Pacific Coast Cycles’ crowded, but neat, showroom.

Inside Pacific Coast Cycles in Oceanside, CA

I spoke with PCC’s owner Chuck about this, and he said a Google person came by and took pictures not too long ago. I actually remember a few years back being in the store when a Google staffer came by to collect info about his business for Google Places. Here’s Google’s FAQ about the program.

I did a few quick searches for other shops that might have interior views with no luck. I’d love to feature some shops in this way – have any of your local shops had their insides filmed by Google? Any of you shops out there been invited to participate? Let me know.  And keep your showrooms neat!

Update: Palo Alto Bicycles has been shot for Street View interiors.

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