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WSJ Video: Bike Fashion Loses Spandex

Just caught this early this morning while reading the news online while eating a bowl of cereal. It’s a video from the Wall Street Journal on casual cycling apparel that they posted last week on their site. It’s a concept we know well: you don’t need to dress like a pro in Lycra and spandex just to ride your bike. In fact, the assumption that they will have to get kitted up like Lance actually turns people off to riding. We’re definitely bullish on the category, and have been featuring it in our annual urban fashion show at Interbike, returning for the fourth year in 2011. There are some great new bike-specific yet casual looking styles and brands out there to appeal to both the recreational and commuting cyclist that needs to look just as appropriately dressed off the bike as when on it.

WSJ journalist, passionate cyclist and frequent Interbike attendee, Reed Albergotti, steps in to comment from a cyclist’s perspective with the two other more mainstream journalists.

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  1. Sorry but this is a poor video to sell a change in bicycle clothing. I understand the need to move about in a city on a bicycle and the desire to wear clothes that fits into most office dress codes.

    For a short or longer commute (15 miles+), spandex and the Chamois still has a comfort level that will be difficult for the clothing industry to repudiate. Also the need for safety colors that can be seen by bus drivers and motorists…

    Printing on spandex is possible, why not have a few airbrush artists use the existing spandex bicycle clothes as a canvas for office attire camouflage (similar to using a living canvas for bodypainting).


  2. That wasn’t very informative at all. And I was surprised they didn’t mention the Levi’s Commuter series (although they briefly showed a picture of one of the jeans).