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Stroke of Greenius: Repurposing Paper Bags

Every once in a while you run across a really great idea. This one comes from Golden Saddle Cyclery in Los Angeles.

We’ve all read about government efforts to reduce or eliminate shopping bag use by retailers including outright bans of their use in some areas. I think we can all agree, in principle, that less bag and packaging waste is good, but in many cases, shoppers still need something to carry their goods in. Golden Saddle has come up with an elegant solution for repurposing paper nags.

Repurposed paper bag from Golden Saddle Cyclery

They encourage customers to bring in a paper shopping bag in good condition and, in return, they offer a one dollar discount on an inner tube purchase. Once in possession of the bag, they brand it with a Golden Saddle Cyclery logo courtesy of a custom rubber stamp and reuse it. Bags handed out by some of the high end retailers as shown in the photos are pretty well made and durable and make for a nice branding statement with the new stamp.

I’m sure not all bags brought in are from Bloomingdale’s and REI, but most paper bags – especially of the craft paper type – should look decent with a fresh stamp. Probably even clean grocery store bags. Though you get extra points for Whole Foods bags, of course. I mean who would you rather associate your store’s brand with: Albertson’s, Kroger, Stop-and-Shop or Whole Foods?

Nice job, guys. Reduce some waste, save some money, encourage customer loyalty, promote your store. Love the logo designs, btw.

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