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Levi’s Entering the Bike Apparel Market?

Saw an interesting post yesterday from the NYC Velo bike shop blog about Levi’s and bike-specific apparel. Since they’re both located in Manhattan, Levi’s invited the shop down to their meatpacking district company store to preview their line of commuter-focused jeans and to provide feedback on a new cycling jacket design. I think this is another great sign that bike commuting is becoming more mainstream and is a viable market for mainstream businesses to profit from. This also fits right into the theme for the urban fashion show we’ve been holding at Interbike for the last three years: casual, functional, everyday cycling apparel that looks just as good off the bike.

Levi's Bike Commuter Jeans, courtesy of NYC Velo

The writer of the post had a great quote about how Levi’s fits in the bike market:

Levi’s garments are so stitched into the fabric of our culture and work-a-day life that extending the brand to casual cycling was a no-brainer for us.

Also, seems like I missed Prolly’s post about the line and his involvement with it last month. Check it out here if you missed it, too.

Heard from Joe over at Paved Magazine who got a pair and they’re capri style. Anyone else know if they’ll all be capri’s? Seems like the company is basing the cycling line off their 511 skinny jeans.

One funny observation given the simple, “work-a-day”, durable, apparel-for-the-masses appeal that Levi’s jeans have, the technology that they’re incorporating in their bike line sounds suspiciously typical for a high-tech bike industry product: “Levi’s is utilizing Swiss fabric brand Schoeller Technologies, and their Nano Sphere Technology + 3X dry textile treatment.” Maybe that’s just tech sweet talk intended for us tech-obsessed cycling enthusiasts. Better living through over engineering, right?

Welcome, Levi’s.

To see some great bike-specific jeans from two companies that specialize in the category, check out Osloh from New York and Swrve who are based in Los Angeles.

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