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The Art of Bike to Work Day

On my commute to work, I ride through two counties, San Diego and Orange, each with their own government and transportation authority agencies tasked with promoting Bike to Work Day. I’ve signed up in that past with both the San Diego Association of Governments’ and Orange County Transportation Authority’s BTW programs, so I receive postcards and emails inviting me to participate each year. Being a marketing guy, SANDAG’s effort this year stood out as especially nicely done. They definitely have a real graphic designer work on it, and it made me think about how other regions do on the design front for bike to work day.

Here’s this year’s San Diego County logo from a postcard they sent out to promote the day. I also like their tag line for the program: “Bike to Work Day: Give it a Spin!” Cute, right? Local SD bike company, Electra, is a sponsor.
San Diego 2011 Bike to Work Day postcard

Orange County has a more generic, on-going bike to work theme. They seem to do nicely with the local OC-based bike industry sponsors, though, with Jax Bicycle Center, Nirve and Oakley on board. Not the most stellar of efforts from a design standpoint, but I’ll give them props for past efforts where I’ve received buttons from them along the lines of those “I Voted” stickers you get on election day letting you feel smug and superior among your coworkers. At least in the bike industry your coworkers will consider you superior for biking to work.

Orange County, California, Bike to Work graphic

And let’s not forget our friends just south of us in Tijuana who are also promoting bike to work day this year in conjunction with San Diego’s. About 90,000 people cross the border into San Diego on their commute to work every day. Some of those must be on bikes. Judging by the border wait times I hear on the radio each morning, I would definitely try to ride as much as possible to avoid the 2 hours sitting in traffic. Anyway, back to the design element, I think TJ’s work is great. Very clean and professional:

Tijuana 2011 Bike to Work Day

Have you seen any other good design efforts for Bike to Work promotions in your area? Let me know and I’ll share and help recognize and celebrate the quality work on our behalf.

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