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The Angry Birds Ride Super Record

Apparently the Angry Birds have good taste in bike components. Or at least the owner of this app-inspired bike I came across at the Sea Otter Classic last week does. Considering Sea Otter is held not far from the valley of silicon, maybe this bike is owned by someone who’s profited from the game. Given the price of Super Record and the gazillion downloads of the addictive mobile game, that wouldn’t be so far fetched…

Angry Birds Inspired bike at Sea Otter

Update: Seems like the bike was from Inertai Racing Technology’s booth at Sea Otter. Apparently it’s a custom painted Giant SL Advance. See more about the bike and the company here.

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  1. My hubby, Rob, is the owner of this bike. The bike is in Burbank, CA at our bike shop H&S Bicycles. We are big A.B. fans and loved working with Tater and iRT. It was a big hit at Sea Otter and we are proud of it.