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Interbike ’84: Rams Cheerleaders Strut New Styles

You know, when we launched the Urban Legend fashion show at the 2008 show, we really tried to create a different kind of fashion show. The focus of the show would be on urban and utilitarian cycling wear, emphasizing the growing community of designers of cycling apparel that deliberately didn’t look like traditional technical cycling clothes. This was apparel designed so that the wearer would not draw a second glance from others when not astride a bike. With the growing use of bikes for everyday transportation in recent years, we endeavored to give members of the industry a glimpse at a trend that was largely being created outside of the mainstream bike industry.

While the concept of models dancing on a stage in bike wear seems to work in Europe, we didn’t believe that the format was ideal for the US market and the style of apparel we were looking to feature. In search of the right format to showcase this apparel at the show, I came across a video of Momentum Magazine‘s small fashion show that they had put on in an art gallery in Vancouver the previous year. The concept of the models actually showing the outfits while riding bikes on a small bike path throughout the audience was genius. A quick phone call to Mia at Momentum got the ball rolling and we’ve had two great fashion shows so far that have really struck a cord with the industry and cycling community.

But while the dancing-models-on-a-stage concept might not have worked for Urban Legend in the late 2000′s (aughts? ’00′s?), it obviously has worked at Interbikes past. Take a look at this scan that I took from the 1984 Interbike event guide.

The 1984 Interbike Fashion Show In 1984, Interbike was in Las Vegas and the Rams were still based in Los Angeles. For those not in North America, the Rams – now based in St. Louis – are a professional gridiron football team. I can’t think of a choice of models more diametrically opposed in both appearance and spirit to those we’ve used in Urban Legend than pro football cheerleaders. Though judging by the number of ads in the magazine for super shiny bright skin-tight Lycra jerseys and shorts, I suppose they were an appropriate choice for the styles popular at the time.

There are some choice quotes from the text to enjoy along with the mental image that the thought of mid ’80′s cheerleaders conjures, too:

Star attractions of the show will be the L.A. Rams Cheerleaders, fresh from an appearance on the George Burns television special.

I’d bet that they’d also been featured in an episode of the Love Boat.

While she wouldn’t reveal specifics prior to curtain time, she hinted at some truly memorable moments–including a slow-motion triathlon…

Now that’s a coincidence. I performed a slow-motion triathlon once, too. But unfortunately, it was at the Cape Cod Sprint Triathlon back in ’93.

Not surprisingly, it was my one and only tri.

I’m clearly having some fun at the expense of my predecessors here at Interbike who worked hard to bring you this show. But lest you think that I have something against cheerleaders, here’s a photo of me at the Tour of Palm Springs a few years back with the Xavier Prep School Saints cheerleaders who were enthusiastically welcoming all riders into one of the rest stops.

Tour of Palm Springs
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