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It’s Bike To Work Week

Bike to Work Week - May 17-21, 2010

It’s (the official) Bike to Work Week! I know a few cities and areas have already held their own BTW days, but according to the League of American Bicyclists, this week is the real deal. As long as we’re talking official, Bike to Work Day is this Friday the 21st of May.

For most Americans, it’s time to break out the 10-speed or the old mountain bike for their annual bike commute effort. For most readers of this blog, though, I would assume either an existing regular or occasional bike commute or, as is the case with me, the kick-off event to “bike commute season.” My bike commuting is not so much weather influenced (San Diego/Orange County weather anyone?) as it is by the distance and kids’ schedules. School summer vacation schedules typically make my 44.8 mile (according to Google’s biking directions) each way commute possible. I throw in a Metrolink train between Oceanside and San Juan Capistrano to trim some time off Google’s estimated 4 hour and 8 minute ride to work (and actually enjoy the ride up the coast with views of the Pacific and the surfers and dolphins playing in it).

Speaking of Google biking directions, below is Google’s widget that you’re able to embed on your website. In the spirit of Bike To Work Week, I have it pre-populated with our office’s address in case you happen to be coming down to visit us and can use a bike. The widget’s also there to motivate/assist my co-workers planning to ride to work this week who don’t normally do so and help us do well in the Specialized Commuter Cup challenge. You can do it team!

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