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NBC’s Today Show Commuter Challenge Video

I think we all know who wins all the annual “commuter challenges” put on by various media companies. Here’s NBC’s Today Show’s “Ditch the car for a healthy commute” challenge for this year with Al Roker turning the pedals (on a folding bike!), Matt Lauer taking the subway and a bus and Meredith Vieira braving the New York City streets in a car.

It’s a decent show of the common sense aspect of using a bike to get to work. They even have an “expert” on who highlighted some important stats such as how most Americans live within 5 miles of work. The focus is more on the health benefits, but I’ll take whatever positive mention of cycling the mainstream media give us.

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Self Magazine, featured in the video, has a “Biking Guide” up on their site with tips and product suggestions for new cyclists.

Also interesting to note that near the beginning, Roker says it’s time to “break out the Schwinn” when referring to bikes. I wonder if “break out the Trek (or Specialized) would mean more to people under 40?


  1. I watched the Today Show Commuter experience.

    I am 73 years old and have always wanted a lightweight fold up bike that I could drive to a flat area to ride and enjoy.

    I heard that there was going to be a Sweepstake drawing to win a bike, but I could not fine the link.

    Please help me find the contest.
    Thank you
    Yolanda Morris

    I loved the cycling portion of the show. Interesting to find out there were so many bike lanes in New York.

  2. Nice to hear that that was actually Al’s bike that he purchased on his own. Next time he’s in the store, ask him if he’d like to do a segment from Interbike alongside 23,000 fellow cyclists!