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Urban Cycle Fashion & the Cult of Transportation

Arrggghh! Can’t seem to get away from the urban cycling culture coverage in the media! Actually, this one hit me way back in May and, aside from bookmarking it and making a mental note to post about it, it’s just sat around gathering dust. It’s still no less relevant and intertesting to those of us in the biz, though, so here it is, finally.

Label Networks on urban cycle fashion

Label Networks is a site that focuses on “youth culture intelligence and news” and is fairly well known in the more fashion-centric industries like those served by Interbike’s sister trade show, ASR. With that said, the bike industry’s young (in both tenure and demographic) fixie/urban category appears on their trend-spotting radar screens unlike our traditional “technical” bike apparel. Like my recent post on outdoor retailers and cycling, this is an interesting view into how this category is being exposed and explained to the non-endemic fashion community.

It’s a tad old, but still worth a read: The Urban Cycle Fashion Movement and the Cult of Transportation. The piece mentions cycling inspired apparel from Adidas, New Era and Outlier among others.

Note: Just noticed a more recent and updated version of the article from this Aug: Urban Cycling and How Fixies Are Transforming the Cult of Transportation Into a Lifestyle

As any strong movement grows, so too does a new industry, including of course the growth of bike shops in urban centers, and events such as Midnight Rides in various cities, plus art shows showcasing the creative energy of the of movement, and self-made videos and documentaries as seen during the touring Bicycle Film Festival.

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