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Memories of Steve Larsen

As most of you have heard by now, former pro Steve Larsen passed away earlier this week while out training. It was a shock to me for two reasons. First, was that I had the pleasure of getting to know the man about 10 years ago and second, I just turned the age that he was when he died.


While I can’t claim that Steve and I were friends, at a previous employer of mine we sponsored his mtb racing career and I was able to speak with him fairly regularly and met him at a few races during the season. Eventually, he purchased a shop in his native Davis, California, and he became a customer of mine, too. Always a great person, very professional as a representative of our brand, appreciative of our sponsorship and a fast and savvy racer. When I heard of his passing, I dug through my pile of memento jerseys and photo albums to find the items in the two photos accompanying this post.


The photo of me with him was taken circa 2000 when he was dividing his time between his mtb racing career and doing a few choice road races for the old Prime Alliance team. We were at the USPro race in Philadelphia in the photo. I don’t remember how he did there, but as you can see in the photo of the jersey, he had just won back the stars and stripes jersey as NORBA National champ.

The bike community lost a great man and racer. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends at this time.

A memorial service is planned for Saturday at 1 pm in his hometown of Bend, Oregon. Information about the service, a memorial ride and memorial fund that has been set up can be found over at VeloNews.

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  1. my heart dropped to the ground the moment i read the news as well. rich, so cool that you have those pictures and momentos. when we worked together at Spinergy, he was always so gracious and humble. he set himself apart from other athletes with egos and attitudes and was extremely down to earth. i heard through the grapevine that he was a true family man and put his family first always. steve is someone that i will continue to look up to. this past weekend i dedicated a few mtn and road rides to him in my thoughts and prayers. the bike industry needs more steve larsen’s, who set a wonderful example of how classy and professional an athlete can be while remaining a great father, husband and member of the community. We will miss you, Steve.