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Maurice Tierney, publisher of new Bicycle Times magazine

While at the recent Sea Otter Classic event in Monterey, CA, I was really pleased to be able to run into Maurice Tierney, publisher of the new Bicycle Times magazine and the venerable Dirt Rag, in the media center. He was kind enough to step outside into the unseasonably sunny Monterey weather for a quick interview.

The inaugural issue of BT had just been published and I was very excited to finally lay eyes on it since it further extends the reach of urban and transportation cycling in the media. I’ve really enjoyed the passion for cycling and the personality that the Dirt Rag team has always put into that magazine and have great expectations for what they can do with BT. Best of luck, guys!

TALES FROM SEA OTTER 2009 – Bicycle Times from CYCLEFILM on Vimeo.

Funny story about this video. So I start interviewing Maurice and notice that he’s got a clear plastic disposable fork sticking out of the right side of his cap. Now as a straight-laced native New Englander, who am I to question Maurice on his sense of style? Maybe all the cool kids are sporting plastic fork head gear these days. So I say nothing and continue the interview. After we’re done and just chatting a bit, he leans his head over and out falls the fork with a plunk on the concrete. He says, “Hey, was this fork sicking out of my hat the whole time?” Turns out he was camping out while at SOC and had just left his camping fork in his cap by accident. So don’t go getting any strange ideas about Maurice from his, um, accessorizing.

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