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Mia & Laura of Momentum Magazine Interview

You meet all kinds of people walking the aisles at the Sea Otter Classic. One of the good ones I ran into – literally, into the arms of a big hug from her – was Mia Kohout, publisher of Momentum Magazine. Mia was visiting Sea Otter for the first time with her coworker Laura Brennan and the two of them were enlightening the racing masses about the self-propelled lifestyle. On the way (through San Jose) to Monterey, they managed to entice Gary Fisher to share a campsite with them at Laguna Seca, and the three were seemingly inseparable the whole event. Read Laura’s take on the event here.

If you’ve been living under a rock, Momentum is the “Magazine for self-propelled people.” They celebrate urban, transportation and utility cycling and generally promote a fun and practical cycling lifestyle. Partnering with Momentum, we were able to put on the awesome Urban Legend Fashion and Art Show at last year’s Interbike.

Since we happened to be standing next to a pair of purple comfortable and stylishly fuzzy chairs in the Cannondale team tent, I thought this was a perfect spot to capture Mia and Laura’s thoughts on the magazine, Sea Otter and whatever cycling thoughts were passing through their minds at the time. Good stuff. Enjoy and read the magazine.

TALES FROM SEA OTTER 2009 – Momentum from CYCLEFILM on Vimeo.

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