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The New York Times on Electronic Shifting

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In an article from February 13th titled, “Cycling Enters the Electronic Age With a New Gear-Shifting System,” the New York Times chronicles the current state of electronic shifting for bicycles with the introduction and race debut of Shimano’s Dura Ace Di2. While marveling at the technology, they do voice the concern of many about how it may be going against the very nature of this human-powered machine called a bicycle.

I didn’t realize that this year’s Tour of California was the debut of the system in competition.


A few other interesting tidbits from the piece that is worth reading and is well written:

- Campagnolo’s electronic system is being held back by the company because of the state of the economy

- Bob Stapleton, owner of team Columbia High Road is a big fan and believes that all high end bikes will be electronically equipped withing three years – if not sooner.

- Many pro racers are still skeptical of the new system, but are being respectful of their sponsor by not voicing their concerns to the public.

- Giant will be introducing a bike designed specifically for electronic components later this year for a price of around $14,000.

Definitely worth a read. Shimano’s Devin Walton is quoted in the article.

Devin, I’d be more than happy to test and review Di2 if the Times is not giving you the exposure you need…

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