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Brent Thomson recovering from surgery – still needs help

Here’s the latest update on Brent Thomson’s condition as he recovers from quadruple bypass surgery following his heart attack earlier this month. I’m posting verbatim from an email from friend Steve Boehmke:  

Las Vegas, NV – January 28, 2009 – - As many of you know, Brent Thomson, Trail Master of Bootleg Canyon suffered a heart attack a few weeks ago, and underwent Quad Bypass surgery last week. While now recovering at the hospital, Brent is coming back into his old self, despite suffering a stroke after surgery.

“I went and visited him last Sunday at the hospital,” states Steve Boehmke, author of this e-mail… “He had tubes down his throat to help him breath and eat, was all morphined out, couldn’t speak and had limited movement on his left side. Despite that, he still showed classic “Brent-ness” by his reaction when asked questions, and his attempt to French-Kiss my girlfriend Courtney when she said hi!”

On Monday, doctors removed the tubes, and Brent is quickly becoming his old self. Now able to speak and move both sides of his body, he is anxious to get going on physical therapy.Ever the enthusiast, Brent is ready to get back to work, though he knows it may take some time. “I’ve got trails to build!” said Thomson. “I want to thank everyone who sent their good wishes and support through this time,” continues Brent, “I’ve got a lot of work to do before I’ll be 100%, but I’m already getting a lot of creative ideas on how to motivate my body. I can’t wait to see all of my friends from the bike industry and get back to doing good work again.”\

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Hopefully Brent will be able to get home within the next week, but for now, send get well wishes to:

St. Rose Dominican Hospital
San Martin ER c/o Brent Thomson
8280 West Warm Springs Rd.
Las Vegas, NV 89113

call Brent at 702.204.7810.

Thank you sincerely.

Read a few more updates from his sister in the comments of my last post aboiut Brent here.

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