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Brent Thomson Update Post Surgery

Just spoke to Steve Boehmke who’s keeping close tabs on Brent’s condition for an update following his quadruple bypass surgery yesterday. According to the doctors, they are “cautiously optimistic” about his recovery. He’s in a medically-induced coma at the moment to aid in his recovery from the major procedure he just underwent in response to the heart attack he suffered while riding last Saturday. That’s about all we know at the moment since the operation took place late yesterday. We’re hoping for the best here.

To keep up with the latest info, you can follow Steve’s updates on Twitter:

To send get well wishes to Brent: 

St. Rose Dominican Hospital
San Martin ER c/o Brent Thomson
8280 West Warm Springs Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89113

Link to the site of Brent’s pride and joy:

And finally, be sure to make a donation if you can to Brent’s healthcare fund since his job at Bootleg did not provide him with health insurance. You can make a safe and secure donation via PayPal to (his son Barret set this up). Visit and click on the “Send Money” link.


  1. Sat.night 1-17 9:30 doc said brent is sleeping better tonight the swelling has gone down from a few days ago and that his condition is improving

    All of our prayers
    are with you get
    better bro

  2. Wed/21/09 2:30pm Brent is still doing very well. They have taken him off life support and most of the forest of machines that he was on. They are slowly trying to wake him up so he can start breathing on his own. He is a very strong guy for his age, the doc said a full recovery is to be expected.

    He can use everyone’s support

  3. I am the little sister to Brent Thomson. I just flew home yesterday the 22 after spending 10 days with him. I am ever so greatful for all the support for Brent. Barret his son is keeping me up to date on his condition. I plan on flying back to Vegas when he is released to help with his rehab.Please, Please keep him in your prayers
    Thank You,
    Danita Walker

  4. I’m very sad to report bent has taken a turn for the worse sat.14 he whent back into ICU where I’m going now to say my last good by.If you were someone who was close to him you should contact his son or the hospital ASAP

  5. I was with Brent late last Friday night until they took him back down to ICU around midnight. As I held his good hand and told him I was there he firmed his grip the best he could. A kiss to his forehead and a very sad goodbye was all I could handle. I spoke with his son, Barret last night and he confirmed things are not good.

    We held fund raisers at Bootleg Canyon’s race last weekend and it went well. On March 14 & 15 th another fundraiser will be held at Bootleg Canyon also.

    Brent’s friend

  6. I will always remember how Brent made me laugh, spending day after day on the mountain grooming trail, riding our bikes and enjoying life. Brent was a great artist, trail builder, friend and lover. He will be missed. Happy trials Brent
    Love Boo

  7. I am Brent’s sister and he was my hero and always showed me the most exciting trail. You are in my hear always and forever, I will see you soon, think of you often.

    Mountain Bike Heaven – Love your sis!

  8. brent was my best friend and I will miss him dearly. He was the king of fun, you always knew when you hooked up with brent it was going to be a great time.He is and always be in my heart. aloha brent you where always no kai oi to me my brother. aloha kris

  9. I always admired Brent’s artwork…on the wall and in the dirt.

    He will be missed.

    My thoughts and prayers go with Barret, Brenda, and the rest of his loved ones and friends.


  10. Brent, my brother my friend my mentor my nemesis for forty one years, there are no words to express the loss..

  11. My fiend Brent… So sad to say so long….what a flood of memories. You taught me how to really see. You absorbed the deserts beauty, and gave it back to us forever. Such a master craftsman. 35 years of knowing you and being blown away by your gifts. My prayers and thoughts are with you Barrett —you don’t remember me, but I made your first baby bassinet. I will always remember you, Brent, and treasure and share your art. Say Zipeedidooda to Bobby for me, Peace, Out. Fergie

  12. Brent..You left an amazing legacy for generations to enjoy. Your skill and vision will be missed. Your life continues on the other side, continue to live, love, and learn. My thoughts are with you and your family….

  13. We the family of Brent Thomson would like to thank everyone for thier support and coming up to visit Brent while he was in the hospital, it meant so much to him.The bike industry is a great bunch of lets make sure his legacy lives on at Bootleg.

  14. Knowing Brent and his family for over 25 years I can say they made my transplant to BC AND LV a more meaningful experience.Nevada has lost one of its unique treasures

  15. The Brent Thomson Memorial Ride will be on Saturday afternnon, March 14th following the St. Patty’s Day Feast Super D Races and Award Ceremony. Please come celebrate the Life of our dear friend Brent, as we ride the trails he was so famous for building and maintaining. Location: Bootleg Canyon Restrooms Approx. 3:00

  16. I wish to convey my sincere sorrows to the family of Brent. I had the opportunity to be one of his co-workers in the Rec department. Brent always had a smile and kind words for everyone he came in comtact with. I will miss his sense of humor and his friendship… Bike on…Marti