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Bootleg Canyon’s Brent Thomson Suffers Heart Attack

Brent Thompson at Bootleg Canyon in 2008

We are sad to hear that Brent Thomson is presently down after suffering a heart attack this last Saturday while riding one of the many excellent trails that he has carved out at Bootleg Canyon. Simply put, without Brent’s endless support for the past half a dozen years, Interbike would not have the world’s best annual product demo test lab that is attended by so many in the industry. 

Brent is one of the strongest people we know.  We wish him a speedy recovery and look forward to having his continued support, wit and charm at the 2009 Outdoor Demo.


We’ve learned that Brent’s job at Bootleg does not provide him with health insurance. As industry insider Steve Boehmke put it in an email yesterday:

Brent’s hospital expenses are estimated to grow to hundreds of thousands of dollars, so any help that his friends in the bicycle industry can provide will be graciously appreciated. Click on the link below to donate securely with Debit, Credit, PayPal and Bank accounts. It is simple, quick and safe. Brent’s family and friends send you appreciation in advance.”

PayPal – please donate to


  1. perhaps can post the story too? sounds like he needs all the money he can get to pay his bills. i’ve read a lot about him and he seems like a super nice guy. i hope the industry comes together to help him out.

  2. Brent’s sister here. Brent is really being strong and trying to recover from this heart attack and all the subsequent surgeries. His physicians and nurses are working really hard to give him the best care possible.

    Yes it is true he has no insurance and his hospital stay will run at least into a million dollars. He is a super nice guy, great brother and the most amazing person I know. Thanks for all your support.

  3. I saw Brent a week ago and it was totally hard to see the King of Bootleg Canyon, not to mention a dear friend so screwed up(lots of rehab required.)I’ll be back up this weekend to see him and I’ll post an update.

    There will be Downhill events at Bootleg this winter. Feb. 14th – 15th & March 14th & 15th. Please come and show your support.

    There will be fund raisers for Brent on both weekends.