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  1. Congrats to the folks at Momentum for doing this. Just got the Fashion issue in the mail a couple weeks ago and it’s pretty cool, but a real life Bike Fashion show is something I’d actually want to go see! COME TO SF and DO IT AGAIN! I was also stoked to see Xtracycle’s Radish and The Yuba Mondo on there: I love my Surly Built / Xtracycle Designed Big Dummy!

  2. Congratulations to Lauren and the Interbike Operations team for working with Momentum to put together a great event. Interbike needs more shots_in_the_arm like this.

    It was especially exciting to see the artwork from industry peers. In a passion driven business it only makes sense that the passion spills into the personal lives of its members, be it art, music, life, or all_of_the_above. I like to see that at the show and it seems very relevant and re-humanizing.