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Armstrong Interbike Press Conference Video

Here’s another highlight video from our friends at Cyclefilm. This one is from the Lance Armstrong press conference that took place at Interbike last Thursday morning. For your viewing pleasure in case you missed it or if you were there and want to relive the event. Definitely worth a view. Supporting cast includes: Greg LeMond, Don Catlin, Taylor Phinney, and 200 members of the cycling and non-endemic press. Also, look for Eddy Merckx following Lance as he enters the room.

Lance Armstrong Returns – Press Conf Las Vegas from CYCLEFILM on Vimeo.


  1. Greg, if you want a forum on doping in cycling today, call your own press conference. Don’t try to hijack your successor’s. Just because there are allegations does not mean that LA is your personal poster boy for your beliefs.

  2. I was racing during the Lemond era, but I was never a big fan because I just didn’t like his attitude. No doubt his success was good for American cycling, but I was still pulling for Fignon in the ’89 Tour. LeMond’s victory was immpressive and I wanted to like him, but by the 1991 tour he was back to making excuses and blaming others when interviewed after the stages. I give him credit for finishing the race that year after many setbacks, but he just never seemd to express appreciation for his teammates (like Armstrong always did later).

    His current actions just confirm my opinion about him. Certainly he was a talented guy who contributed greatly to cycling in this country, but it doesn’t surprise me that he chooses to act this way today. Still, it is too bad that he has so much pent up anger. Please just let it go Greg.