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OutDoor Demo Day 1

Finally was able to score a bike for the Tour de Lake Mead industry ride Tuesday morning. I say finally since it was tougher than I expected. I’m 6’2″ and normally ride a 62cm c-c bike (84cm from center of bb to seat top) so I’m at an understandable disadvantage in trying find a bike that fits. Look had some, but couldn’t commit till the end of the day, the Italians didn’t seem to have anything larger than a 58 on hand and Giant wasn’t loaning bikes for the ride. Felt wasn’t either, but they let me borrow one of their new AR2 aero road bikes (it’s sitting in the corner of my hotel room right now). I got the whole pitch on that bike from the man himself, Jim Felt. Good guy. It was really an honor to meet him finally. The AR2 is supposed to be just about as fast as their TT bikes but in road geometry and with drop bars. Also looking forward to trying out the new Dura Ace parts on the bike. This is definitely one of the cool parts of the job. It’s one fast looking bike.

Felt AR2

Shot of the Demo area from the top of our RV near the end of the day. The new venue we started using last year for the Demo is really working out well again this year.

Interbike OutDoor Demo

Chris King’s booth was as classy as his parts. Their parts display case are hung with bike chains for a nice touch. Notice the CK bottom brackets display on the table in the center. I’ll have to head back there tomorrow to spend a bit more time with them.

Chris King at OutDoor Demo

This next one is turning into a great little tradition here at the OutDoor Demo: the fi’zi:k saddles Italian gelatto stand with vintage Italian romantic tunes playing in the background. When I stopped by after lunch for some desert, the ‘gelatista’ told me that they had already served 1,500 cups of gelatto to hot and dusty attendees so far.

fi\'zi:k gelatto at Interbike OutDoor Demo

Hutchinson is sponsoring toomorrow morning’s Tour de Lake with their tubelsss road wheel system. I’m hoping to snag a set to throw on the Felt for the ride. Hutchinson’s Steve Boehmke is Mr. Tubeless.

Hutchinson at OutDoor Demo

Camelbak hosted drinks throughout the day as their sign below indicated. Fat Tire Ale was was the dehydration drink of choice.

Camelbak party sign at Interbike OutDoor Demo

The Fat Tires’s were served under the brand spanking new Interbike pop-up. Pretty, huh? Good times, good times.

Interbike OutDoor Demo Party

Ran into SRAM’s Michael Zellman and had him recount the crash at last year’s industry cup crit that took him out and launched his bike over 6 rows of spectators. I know he feels passionately about denying the rumor that Cipollini crashed or even caused the crash, since he was right there. Michael seems to take it as a personal mission in life to dispel that rumor so make sure never to suggest to him that Cipo may have seen the asphalt up close and personally.

In a moment that reminded me that Interbike is a face-to-face event, I had lunch with fellow bike industry social media evangelist Neil Brown of Road Magazine. I know him from the online world but never really sat down with him in person. Had a good chat and we sympathized with each other’s efforts to promote the benefits of social media at work. And then in a bizarre – yet somehow appropriate – moment, he whipped out his iPhone and Twittered about our meeting…

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