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Photos From OutDoor Demo Setup Day

Just a quick post with a few photos I took at setup on Sunday. It’s brief since I’m rushing to head out to the Demo this moring for the opening.

Check Campagnolo’s company VW wagon’s license plate:

Campagnolo car

Cannondale looks to have the largest fleet of demo bikes again this year. This photo doesn’t do just to the quantity that are packing their tent.


The commuters are in attendance too. Here’s Civia:




Pashley from the UK:


I guess there’s something to those 29″ inch bikes. Niner’s got a monster presence:

Niner Bikes

Trek is back with a bigger booth this year:


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  1. Thanks for the Blog. Sent a wave of folks from Moab yesterday.

    Good on ya

    ps South By Southwest is all about music not tech. The Austin peeps in the crew add.