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London Bike Commuters in Beijing Closing Ceremonies

Did anyone else see the bikers in the London 2012 portion the closing ceremonies on TV yesterday? When the double-decker London bus came out, 3 or so bikers rode past it as if they were commuting. From the brief time that they were on, I think one was a messenger type on a fixie style bike and at least one of the others were on a utilitarian city-type bike while another may have been on a small wheeled or folding bike. They rode right past the bus as if it were stuck in traffic just before the “bus stop” in the presentation.

No comments on London’s actual presentation. I’ll let the natives debate that one, though it would be tough to beat a show of the scale that China put on on Sunday – even with Jimmy Page playing “Whole Lotta Love.” (BTW, featuring that slice of British culture was a great decision in my opinion)

So did anyone else notice the bikes? That the London organizers/government decided to feature bikes on such a big stage is a great sign. London’s mayor – on hand to receive the Olympic flag from Beijing’s mayor – is a big proponent of cycling if I remember correctly. (Carlton?)

Just found this mention of the bikes and a photo of the moment on Copenhagenzine.

Update: Fritz over at mentions that the guy on the folding bike is non other than UK gold medalist, Chris Hoy, while Victoria Pendleton rode dressed like a messenger and rode a fixie and  Jamie Staff rode the city bike. Now that’s even cooler than just having bikes

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  1. London Mayor Boris Johnson is indeed a regular bike commuter. He says he fantasizes about sending military commandos after bike thieves.

    UK Conservative Party leader David Cameron is another politician / bike-to-work guy. He’s the guy who famously quipped that he’d like to introduce Sharia law for bike theft. Cameron will possibly be the next Prime Minister of the UK, if the Conservatives win the next election.

  2. Just a note to add that the folding bike under Chris Hoy is a Brompton — the hot export made in London, which is becoming a new British mobility icon…

    with Raleigh’s descent into a label stuck on Far East frames, Brompton is now the UK’s largest bike maker…

    –mcget/trophy bikes

    (er, we sell Bs, and Bike Fridays, and um Dahons, etc. so we of course think the brand was relevant…)

    Since this is an InterBIKE Blog–maybe someone reading this can sleuth out the brands/models of the other two bikes and even some details on who pulled off these product placement coups?

    Imagine Brompton are pretty happy.

  3. Sorry I’m late to this, I’ve been on holiday. I didn’t see the closing ceremony live but I’ve since watched it. A commentator on Ozzie TV said Chris Hoy was riding a BMX! I should imagine Chris would easily win the Brompton World Championships, to be held soon.

    I don’t know who placed the bikes in the ceremony but I guess it was a marketing company acting on behalf of the London 2012 organising committee and with input from Transport for London.