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Video: Freewheleein’ At the Democratic National Convention

Saw a link to this video from the local Denver NBC television station on Twitter this morning. Forgot that the DNC is already next week. If you hadn’t heard, Bikes Belong and health insurance company Humana (along with a few bike manufacturers) have partnered to provide 1,000 bikes on free loan to conventioneers. Republicans will also get a chance to borrow a bike at their convention in Minneapolis in early September. I’m really curious to see how the bikes end up being used – and which party will use them more. At the risk of getting too political here, I know which party I’d put my money on to ride more.

The website for the Freewheelin’ program is here and you can also follow them on Twitter under the bikesharing account name.

In the video, Avery Stonich from the BBC and Dan Oftedahl from Humana talk about the program and you get to see the wareheouse where the bikes are all being assembled. Hopefully you won’t see the pre-roll ad for a truck like I did. Gotta love contextual advertising.

Here’s the link to the original article that goes along with the video.