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Let Alberto Ride

Let Alberto Ride

Was up at the Tour of California on Saturday and noticed t-shirts with “Let Levi Ride” on them for the first time. Also saw them on display at my local bike shop on Sunday. Now, all issues of right or wrong, guilt or innocence aside, I love BikeSnobNYC’s observation (as always, tongue in cheek) that the Let Levi Ride campaign ought actually be for Levi’s teammate, Alberto Contador – the guy that actually won the Tour de France. I’ve got nothing against the guy, but why focus on the third place finisher, right?

If an online petition can actually have an effect on the ASO’s decision, isn’t the real injustice leaving the winner out?

(If you’ve never checked out the BikeSnob blog before, it’s definitely worth a visit. And with upwards of 100(!) comments to each of his almost daily posts, I’m not the only one who feels that way. Bring your sense of humor.)

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