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What Word in ‘Bike Lane’ Don’t Drivers Understand?

“What Word in ‘Bike Lane’ Don’t Drivers Understand?”

OC Register Article on Bike Lanes

Front cover of the Outdoors section of the Orange County (California) Register this morning is this article by columnist David Whiting. My boss, Jim, saw it this morning and brought it in since I don’t live in the OC. But I sure do work here. And ride my bike here.

While the subject is unfortunate, the fact that article takes the cyclists’ point of view is refreshing. You can read the entire article in the link, but a few nice features of the story include:

  • The black text box quotes from the California Vehicle Code on bike lanes. It clearly removes any doubt as to the legality of driving in a bike lane from this discussion.
  • The ‘sub-headline’ reads: “Vehicles illegally in bike lanes kill, maim, and terrify cyclists.”
  • The OCR allows comments to its articles posted online so be sure to weigh in on the subject.

Got to run to a meeting now so I can’t expound more, but wanted to get this out.

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  1. if more bike lanes were put in so cal with greater understanding and respect from cars, the city would be so less congested and polluted. however, until the city can get the people to understand that, it remains and us vs. them situation.

    if only we had about 5 or 10 cities like Portland to show others the light.

    thanks for sharing, Rich. given the emerging and growing market segment of transportation bikes, these articles become more and more revelant with each day.


  2. Thanks for the kind words. Stay tuned for more! Each column is kind of like a brick in a wall with goals of awareness, sharing outdoors info and promoting safety.