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OutDoor Demo Day 2 and Indoor Setup

Wow. I love Interbike. Yeah, yeah. I’m paid to say that. But it’s true. I’ve met so many great bike people in these 2 days of OutDoor Demo (not “Dirt” Demo anymore, guys) that I just met and that I’ve known for a while. There’s just a great vibe, energy and passion at Bootleg Canyon. Bike people = good people.

Trying to keep up the daily posts during the show. Just some quick snippets from my perspective as I walked the show with the guys from Cycling.TV filming highlights and interviews with product managers and athletes.

Tour of Lake Mead Mavic turnaround

I brought my camera on the Tour of Lake Mead ride this morning, but was so busy trying to hang on to the lead group that I couldn’t use until the turnaround/rest spot (here you see 2 riders in front of the Mavic neutral support vehicle that looked after us today. That’s Lake Meda in the backgorund). 298 riders participated. I have to admit that I was dropped on the 6 mile descent from Bootleg Canyon to Lake Mead park. I could blame the compact drive crank on my Masi 3v, but, no, it was all me. Oh, and Wayne Stetina of Shimano and Max Lelli, ’97 Corestates winner driving at the front. Thanks, guys!

Fizik Gelato

I didn’t catch their names, but the staff from Fizik were one of the big hits that the Demo this year. Not only were they handing out refreshing Italian gelato, but they did it in style. They wore ice cream shop uniforms and had 50′s-era Italian tunes playing in the background. They were all smiles and good humor. Awesome job, Fizik! Hey, just realized that I never got a gelato for myself…

Ned Overend

This is the great legend, Ned Overend, telling us about Specialized’s new bikes for On the right is James form Cycling.TV. Ned is all signed up to race the Industry Cup on Thursday night. We’ll also be interviewing him in the Media Center for Good Morning Interbike that will be streamed out live over the internet starting Wednesday morning at 8:30am (Pacific time). Ned and John Tomac will be on GMI on Thursday morning.

Lauren N at ODD

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the Queen of the OutDoor Demo. Without Lauren, ODD doesn’t happen. She’s in charge of the whole shebang on site. You may hear from me and your account reps most of the time, but Lauren and her team make it all happen. And she does it all with a smile. Super job Lauren!

Colnago booth setup

Back indoors at the Sands, setup was starting to wrap up for most exhibitors. I was excited to see that Colnago had their Roman temple booth that I’ve seen in photos from the European shows. Now, is that column Doric, Ionic or Corinthian. I’m guessing Doric.

CTV Control room Steup

This is Matt from Cycling.TV in the control room of the Media Center during setup. While walking around the Demo these 2 days, we ran into so many retailers that watch and are fans of CTV. I even had a guy photograph cameraman James as he filmed someone to take home to show his friends.

Visit our Media Center Live page for live video and archived clips from the show starting Wednesday morning at 8:30am (Pacific).

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  1. I would recognize those dudes from Spyder lounging in the VIP booth at outdoor demo anywhere (Behind Lauren) ;)