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OutDoor Demo Setup and Day One

Just got done with Day One of the 2007 OutDoor Demo. While I won’t be able to out blog the rest of you guys out there, I wanted to make the effort to at least post a few things this week. Maybe with a little bit of my perspective of the goings on. Here’re a few photos from setup day on Sunday and day one today. As always, I just love Interbike time. It’s alot of work to get here, but this week makes it all worthwhile.

Sands Expo - Calm Before the Storm

This first shot is the Sands Expo Center hall where Interbike takes place that I took on Saturday afternoon after I checked into my room. It’s sort of the “calm before the storm.” Just a few people rolling out some carpeting and electrical. It’s amazing to see such a big room all empty and quiet. Over the next 3 days, a complete village of bike companies will be built here and come to life on Wednesday morning.

Norco Sets Up at The OutDoor Demo

Over at the OutDoor Demo on Sunday morning, I notice that the Canadians from Norco beat all other exhibitors to Bootleg Canyon. Way to go, eh!

The Santa Cruz Bus - Coolness

Santa Cruz arrives at the Demo in their always way cool streamliner bus. Later on we would be helping right their huge tent that got blown over in the wind onto the bus.

Trek Flags blowing in the wind at ODD

Here are Trek’s flags blowing furiously in the strong wind that blew over the Santa Cruz tent. It’s been keeping us all cooler than usual in the desert.

The Spot Brand/Chris King belt drive bike

Finally got to see the belt drive that’s bee all the rage since show season started. Haven’t ridden it yet, but the Spot Brand/Chris King bike looks very clean.

Yellow SRAM brake hoods

Day one of the Demo, I spotted these very cool custom yellow hooded SRAM brake levers. With Mavic, you can never get enough yellow, huh?

RK UWE Carlton Reid

Here’s me, Carlton Reid and our European rep (and “Mr. European Bike Industry”), Uwe Weissflog. I had just run into Calrton at the VIP tent for the first time ever. The three of us will be riding the Tour of Lake Mead rid on Tuesday morning. Should be an awesome ride and a chance to loosen up the legs before the Industry Cup race on Thursday.

Gotta hit the sack now. Look for lots of great video that I shot today with ethe guys from Cycling.TV at starting tomorrow. Got some really good stuff.