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I’m Outta Here – See you in Vegas!

The whole team is on the way to Vegas. I’ll be there Saturday afternoon. 5:30am Sunday we head out to Bootleg Canyon to literally pound stakes into the ground for a few hours for parking signs and to get ready for exhibitors to start arriving that morning to set up their own displays.

When the line of rigs and trucks start coming up the access road to the Demo, the gathering begins. I can’t wait.

Hope to see you all in Vegas!

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  1. I’ll see you all there, brother.

    What morning should we try to do our morning stroll through the exhibit to gawk at bikes?

    Hope to see you there and have more fun- still debating if I should do the race… I haven’t touched a bike in more than two weeks. Well, ridden a bike- I’ve touched lots of them.

    See you there!