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Watching Le Tour with the Kids

We’ve been watching the Tour with the kids this year. Well, making them watch it, actually.

Sean, at just under 2 years, still enjoys seeing the “by ray” on TV every morning and night, but our 5 year old, Sarah, was getting a little annoyed at the round the clock bikes on the tube. Since Mommy and Daddy met on a training ride and honeymooned at the Tour back in 2000, we remind her that she probably wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for bike racing.
I really thought that the beauty and excitement of the sport was getting through to Sarah when she began remembering one of the riders’ nicknames. His was the only one that stuck and I was having fun pointing out how fast he was riding and explaining why he was riding the way he was. She even liked his light blue uniform (but T-Mobile’s pink is her favorite).
The rider’s nickname? Vino.

I’m waiting for her question: “Daddy? Where’s Vino today?”

Where do I start? Hopefully she won’t notice he’s gone. I wish I could forget he was ever in the race. Same goes for that so called “chicken.”

Shame. It was a great race up till then. Looks like it could still be with Contador, Evans and Levi now to battle it out. Now, don’t YOU guys screw things up!

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  1. I had exactly the same thing happen this year with my daughter, who turned 4 on 1 July. She was so keen on Alexander Vinokourov and David Millar that we ended up making puppets of the riders.

    Spoon puppet peleton

    The day after we made them, the news broke about Vino and Hannah asked “Daddy, where is Alexandre Vinokourov?” I told her that he had to stop racing because he was poorly. Eventually she chose a new favourite: Sandy Casar, because he won a stage even though “he bumped his bottom.”

    If anything, the more the doping goes on, the more I turn my back on watching the top guys and the more I concentrate on my own cycling and that of my friends at club level.

  2. Adrian – Those are great looking puppets! What a great idea for next year – though it’s still a crap shoot with the chance of your puppet being caught as a doper. The great thing about cycling is that, even as a fan, we’re all participants and derive most of our joy from the sport by riding – not just watching the boys on TV.