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Google Fights: Interbike v. Eurobike

At the very end of Bike Biz UK’s news item about the proposed new US trade show in Portland next year, way down at the very bottom, there’s this one line:

“In terms of website links, GoogleFight shows that Interbike can knock the stuffing out of Eurobike.”

So we’ve got that going for us.

You have to love Carlton Reid’s sense of humor.

Speaking of Google links, since checking the Google Fight this morning and again just now toward the end of my work day, the number of links to Interbike has gone up close to 100,000. It was in the low 900,000′s this morning and is now at 1,090,000.

I think that speaks volumes about the vibrancy of our community that’s out there online. This issue has obviously piqued the interest of the bike industry and the online cycling community served by the bloggers has really stepped up to cover and discuss it.

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  1. Well put Rich. The blogosphere is on fire with ths right now and it isn’t going to stop for awhile.

    I will post more comments later too… gotta get back to designing the next line of bikes to display at one or more of these shows.