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  1. One of my favorite products of Interbike shows gone by was the handlebar-mounted gun rack. This bit of techno-wizardry resembled a series of rubber-coated marital-aids sticking straight up from the bikes bars which allowed the cyclist to carry their favorite firearm with them at all times.\” So\’s ya can git at yer gun right quick if ya got a hankerin\’ fer a li\’l huntin\’\” was the slogan I believe.

    I can still see the inventors opening-day enthusiasm being replaced by the grim realization that a lot of time & amp; money had been spent to become the shows laughing stock.

    Best party hands down was the year David Lindley played to a packed room that stayed to the end.

  2. I was 19 years old when my dad, Alex Pong, had help from his friend Peter Brock (Shelby Daytona Cobra designer) to get a booth at Interbike in 1991. We barely got in and were in the bottom floor in the far corner. I will never forget the throngs of people that surrounded that 10 x 10 space the entire time. When we came back to Whidbey Island, I set up all of the administration procedures, worked for no or little pay for about 2 years – my dad never gave me any credit -I look back and realize it was my college education in business! It’s very strange to look back and see articles and postings still on the internet mentioning my dad and my brother, Skooks. I still have people ask about the Magic crankset on my own bike.

  3. Hi Polly,

    I posted something about your Dad’s bike recently on my bicycle design blog. A few people responded wondering what ever happened to the Magic mountain bike concept. Can you let us know why Cannondale never brought it to the market?

    I admire the design work that your family did. Along with Sweet Wings and Bullseye, those Magic cranks paved the way for the hollow cranks that are common today.

  4. We had a dealer recently exclaim to us that we needed to take a close look at the 2007 Specialized line which apparently had a lot of Mrazek lines to it. We’ve long since abandoned the idea of protecting Boh’s designs and this particular instance reminded me of an unforgettable Interbike event in 1995 where we learned how friendly this industry can often be.

    Boh Mrazek Jr. had just flown in from the Czech Republic the night before the show. As we were making last minute preparations for our booth he pulled a few sets of V brakes from his bag that were very similar to the Marinovatives our Team had been riding for a couple of years. We thought it might be wrong to show the brakes, but in the end decided to put them in the booth thinking they would barely make a splash considering our tiny status in the component sea.

    I can’t recall which day of the show it happened, but suddenly Ben Capron who founded Marinovative and had been riding with us in Bend that summer appeared in our both and calmly told me he was “very disappointed.” I explained our internal debate prior to opening day and apologized as best I could. Ben more than graciously accepted and we talked about a licensing agreement which we worked out a few weeks after the show. Mrazek never went on to sell too many of the brakes, although for ’06 we may, for the first time in a long time with the limited magnesium version, hit the 500x quota Ben set for his royalty schedule to kick in. Nothing would make us happier than to send Ben another small check and thank you, except possibly crossing paths with him again and chuckling at those possibly partly Mrazek inspired lines Specialized is sporting for next year.

  5. Jeff,
    What a funny (and great) cooincidence to happenon your entry of above.
    I too remember that Interbike and appreciate hwo you guys handled the situtation. Contact me through my new business’ website
    and now sell a bunch of those brakes so i can get a big ol’ check from you! ; )